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About Us

Medlite Lab health professionals for their many health benefits. They’re high in antioxidants, anthocyanosides, are nutrient packed and taste delicious.

The evidence for Medlitelab’s benefits as an herb are long, varied, and shown in many clinical trials when it comes to treating eye disorders and maintaining clear vision in healthy individuals. Medlitelab is a powerful anti-inflammatory and also a powerful antioxidant and has glucoquinine (lowers blood sugar levels).

Medlite contains flavonoids called anthocyanosides that protect the collagen structures in the blood vessels of the eye. Medlitelab is used to treat eye problems such as Macular Degeneration, diabetic neuropathy, and/or cataracts.

Thus the name “Medlite Lab” was coined.

Our mission is to provide quality products which are innovative yet affordable to all in order to live a quality life.

Our vision is to create a disease & ailment free happy world with our high-quality products.


  • Quality is not an act, it is a habit.
    At Viilbery, we are excellent and expert in what we repeatedly do. We strive to deliver our customers with the highest quality and comprehensive health care products all the time.
  • Service
    Customer Service represents the heart of a brand in the heart of its customers. – Kate Nasser.
    Hence, we believe in providing our top-class services in form of arrangement of CMEs, Medical camps, etc.
  • Quality Principles

    All employees of the Organization is responsible for their own performance and for developing the expertise of team members. Every Viilberian undergoes continual learning process and gathers the necessary knowledge and expertise to perform the assigned tasks systematically and effectively.

    We at Viilbery, believe in promoting and inculcating teamwork, innovation, multiple tasking qualities amongst our employees. We trust that inculcating these qualities into our process will bear fruits in the form of effectiveness, efficiency, competence, personal growth, and satisfaction, thereby, improving Quality, productivity and ultimate CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

  • Innovation
    We focus a lot on innovation, right from routine on field observations to everyday changes in market dynamics. We keep a keen eye over all our business operations, it enables us to create innovative products, devise practical & workable strategies giving us the ultimate edge of becoming a market leader.